Wednesday, 2 July 2014

In Our Midst.

Boom!!! The sound of shattered glass and people screaming rang through his ears like music, he looked around and saw nothing but dust, rubble's and broken pieces of cement on the floor, looking around he saw a lady crouched in foetal position, she looked like she was trying to protect something from getting harmed in the explosion, a large rock dropped from d celling hitting the lady and causing her to roll over.
He noticed a baby covered in blood, the lady had given up her life to shield her baby from harm. He approached the baby, and noticed the baby couldn't be older than six months old, people soon began to regain their consciousness and those who were not alone started to look for their friends and family in in the remains of the building , the baby soon began to cry but no one paid attention to her .

He put his hands around her and slowly lifted her up , he noticed blood started to fall onto the baby’s cloth and it took him a while to realise the blood was his , he had a gash going from his right brow to the tip of his right ear, he put the baby down, taking out a handkerchief from his back pocket , he proceeded to wipe the cut , but the fluid continued to ooze, he gave up and picked the baby, as he did this his eyes scanned the room.
People were running around screaming, turning bodies around hoping it was their friend of family , a wave of joy and disappointment came on their face when they saw that the faces they were seeing didn't belong to someone they knew, the ones that had found bodies began to shake them and asking and begging for the person to wake up .
A man looking upon the decapitated body of lady flabbergasted, he looked like his soul had left his body, the man showed no remorse and was still like a statue, Adam couldn't decide the man’s relation to the decapitated lady, looking at his finger he noticed he had no wedding ring but the lady had an engagement ring on her ring finger, her remains was covered by blood and dust.
He turned around to pay attention to the baby who had stated to cry but no one paid attention , the screams of a child was the least of their trouble. 
" We need to get out of here before people start showing up" Adam said to the baby who he was sure could not hear him.
The security guard that held the door opened for him on his way in, was still sitting on the chair, he had a piece of glass lodged in his torso, the baby looked at the security with a blank stare, he covered her face with his hands this was enough horror to last an adult a life time not to talk of a child.
When he got outside he saw spectators looking at the remains of the building in awe, some held their hands over their mouth, other had their hands on their head in pity, bodies were beginning to pile up at the entrance of the building, there was no police or ambulance vehicle in sight .
It was up to the spectators to find the survivors and try and prevent them from giving up as ghosts. He walked and crossed to the other side of the road, he saw that half the building was damaged, all in the name of Jihad, a restaurant has turned into a mass grave, he felt a felt happy smiling at his accomplishment, keeping the baby as a souvenir, his first job had been a success and he looked into a future of more thrill. Mouthing the word Boko Haram he turned his back to the scene and made his way home, this was his first mission and also his initiation into the terrorist group.
Halting to get a bike at the end of the road at this point he couldn't see or hear any of the commotion going on in the newly blown apart building, he contemplated what he was going to do with the child during the journey home.

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