Friday, 4 July 2014

Bacteria Vaginosis.

Sometimes I wish my blog was anonymous so I can post personal thing, I think about the things I post and I worry if I post things I shouldn't, I do not know most of my readers but it will be nice for some of you to drop comments. Yes to the aim of the post it to discuss something i've been battling for a while , it started four years ago when  I was 16.

Bacteria Vaginosis a bacteria infection in you know where " the land down under " ,  the first symptom was a fishy smell which was really disgusting and embarrassing, I wasn't sure what it was so  I kept it to myself and just increased the amount of times I washed the 'VAG' not knowing that made it worse. I went to the GP who prescribed drugs and it disappeared within a few days and me been the type of person I am , I stopped using the medication .

Fast forward to a year after my smelly friend came back for a visit, and off the doctors I went , and the cycle continued till date, visits to the doctor became frequent, almost every two months from antibiotics to lotions to gels you name it but my friend refused to go.

In the last year I've had three swabs done all coming out clean I really do not know why this thing keeps coming back, I stopped using perfumed soap, from what the nurse told me B.V can occur from too much douching. How can washing make my Vag smell ? I use luke warm water , I dry up.

It a really embarrassing thing to deal with, I remember laughing at a girl in College calling her Tolu Titus because she smells like fish, but the babe was just dirty abeg, so I wonder what people say about me when I'm not there. I nearly fainted when one of the guys in college made a comment about smelling fish, I immediatley left the room and went to clean up in the bathroom and discarded my underwear. I also avoid opening my legs in public , but sometimes I think I'm just overreacting, it is a medical condition but how many people do I have to explain that too ?

How to Avoid B.V :

  • Avoid over washing. 
  • Use non perfumed soap ( Dove or Simple ).
  • Use luke warm water.
  • Wear cotton underwear.
  • Avoid tight trousers. 
Do not mistake B.V for an STI , I was scared to get a swab done for months even though I knew I was Clean.

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