Friday, 4 July 2014

Bacteria Vaginosis.

Sometimes I wish my blog was anonymous so I can post personal thing, I think about the things I post and I worry if I post things I shouldn't, I do not know most of my readers but it will be nice for some of you to drop comments. Yes to the aim of the post it to discuss something i've been battling for a while , it started four years ago when  I was 16.

Bacteria Vaginosis a bacteria infection in you know where " the land down under " ,  the first symptom was a fishy smell which was really disgusting and embarrassing, I wasn't sure what it was so  I kept it to myself and just increased the amount of times I washed the 'VAG' not knowing that made it worse. I went to the GP who prescribed drugs and it disappeared within a few days and me been the type of person I am , I stopped using the medication .

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Thoughts on Boko Haram.

I'm tired or all this Boko Haram and sectarian violence nonsense , cant we all just get along but hey who am I kidding, we are human beings the most selfish and cruel creatures on earth. Why kill innocent people all in the name of Religion, is that what God wants? 

Religious extremist are brain washed illiterates who have simply interpreted the contents of the holy books to suit their expectation and to carry out their cruel intentions . 
What are we going to get from bombing, peace talk? Threats? 
But for those who are left life still goes on, yet we hope and pray we don't get caught in the trouble . 
When is this going to stop? No one knows , I feel religious violence is at its peaks, almost every county with a percentage of Muslim citizen either a majority or minority is experiencing it. 

We need to stop and think for a minute . Is this what God wants? 
Will it stop when the government compromise ? But how is that going to be possible , should they ban other religions , should they take every girl out of school and marry them just because some idiots say that what God want . I say Hell no . Don't get me wrong , I am a muslim and I deeply saddened by what is going in the world , I am  not saying it is right. 

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

In Our Midst.

Boom!!! The sound of shattered glass and people screaming rang through his ears like music, he looked around and saw nothing but dust, rubble's and broken pieces of cement on the floor, looking around he saw a lady crouched in foetal position, she looked like she was trying to protect something from getting harmed in the explosion, a large rock dropped from d celling hitting the lady and causing her to roll over.
He noticed a baby covered in blood, the lady had given up her life to shield her baby from harm. He approached the baby, and noticed the baby couldn't be older than six months old, people soon began to regain their consciousness and those who were not alone started to look for their friends and family in in the remains of the building , the baby soon began to cry but no one paid attention to her .