Saturday, 15 February 2014

Confessions of An Unemployed Law Student. ( It goes on)

Hi guys, how have u all been? I've been MIA for a while but swear I have a good reason. Been dealing with a lot from lost assignments to personal issues, where do I start?
Lost assignments; I had an assignment typed and saved but it somehow disappeared from my laptop, I  an hour before submission was over  because I was bored and something told me to go through my files. I taught it was a sick joke, after ten minutes of crying and a few punches to my screen I realized it was gone. I managed to find bits and pieces on my laptop and ended up submitting that, as that was the best thing to do, the assignment is worth 30%. I emailed the lecturer and she was very understanding. Another assignment also went missing I’m just going to play dumb till the lecturer contacts me.
I really do need a new laptop, this baby has been with me for three years, can’t afford a new one so I invested in a USB or may I say got one from the reception don't judge me times are hard abeg!
My faith is back on the rocky path as I am very confused, I haven’t prayed in a weeks and the guilt hits me every time the Adhan goes off on my phone. My head is always wrapped in scarf and I’m yet to decide if I’m doing for religious purposes or because tying a scarf is easier than having to de-tangle and comb my fro every morning (natural hair troubles) .
 I encountered the wrath of an idiotic human being, since when was it OK for you to think of sleeping a girl the first time she visits. He started taking his clothes off twenty minutes into the conversation nothing indicating sex, and which he spent talking about himself how he liked me. I jejely took my wallet and left. But it didn't stop there he continued to call and waffle on about how I’m missing out , how he will take care of me with all the designer brands ‘Labotins’ and all . He is the prince of a well know state in the west of Nigeria which is also where I’m from and I’ve never heard of him. He boasted about how he ‘lavish’ money in the club popping champagne and how the likes of Olamide and Wizkid visit him in his hotel. At times like this I understand why my parents say they give me the best they can afford so idiots cannot brainwash me with me lies. I was shocked because I’d never imagined people like that actually existed, I assumed they were only meant for Nollywood movies.  
That is all for now. Until next time, God bless us all.

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