Saturday, 28 December 2013

Your Worth .

I would do anything to get my hand on you, what lengths would I go to get you but you are way out of my league . It was love at first sight , I noticed your smooth skin when i walked  past and i had to feel you , your smoothness . Dark and beautiful , your creation was perfect and accurate , for weeks i continued to watch you i envied the women that had and held you , but we obsess over our wants not our needs. I promise not to treat you like they do, i know your worth . I wanted to be the envy of other women who could not get you, flaunting your perfecting everywhere i went , I knew it was meant to be so i came up with a plan . I watched as you left in her arm , followed her into the restaurant and and club , i waited for her to go the ladies knowing she would abandon you after a few glasses of wine , and there it was an opportunity only a fool will miss out on . Her friend chatted between themselves not acknowledging your presence , walking straight past them i took picked you up , holding you in my hand  exiting the club like i owned you . I gave  her wallet , lipstick and mobile phone to the bouncer telling him they belong to a drunk girl . Now you are finally mine , after weeks of watching and wishing , you are all mine, not feeling guilty about the way i got you , i walked home swinging you in hand .
 You are worth it.
My new handbag
Its Prada.

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