Sunday, 29 December 2013

The Ideal Man

A friend asked me what my ideal man was , i told her tall , dark , handsome , caring, romantic , funny , intelligent, sexy, 7/8 figure salary , faithful. I ended with he doesn't exist .We all want the Trey Songs , Chris Brown , Lynxx , Chris Attoh Iyanya's of the world , we look at the physical appearance and already we are lusting , who knew Chris would hit Rihanna . Most women want this man , no one wants a short , ugly let me say unattractive or poor man , most people settle for less after pressure from family or been the only one in the clique that is single.  I told my mum i didn't want to get married till was 27 , she looked at me as if i was crazy and jejely rebuked the curse she assumed i placed on my self , then went on to give a speech about how that was to old and no one wants old cargo.I remember sending pictures of guys i found amusing  not in a good way to friends to they could laugh at the way they looked and joke about  how they were stupid to ask me out. Two days ago i named a guy George of the Jungle because of the picture he sent to me bbm , every time he sent a message i gave one line answers, he wasn't my ideal man but he could be some one else. My cousin went on a rant about how she turned down  Dammy Krane for those of you who don't know is a Nigerian who sang KO Le Re Body, and regrets doing so because she didn't know he was going to be famous or look this good. I've heard conversations were girls would easily say money is not everything , but honestly it is , would you still feel the same for your man ten years and three children down the line if he was poor ? Most people do not think about this it all about sounding perfect and been a saint , yes a poor man can be rich and a rich man can also be poor . Money man not bring happiness but it does resolve a lot of things . My ideal man is in my head but what are the chances of finding him , however i can have a decent man and try to make an ideal man out of him .


  1. My dear I'm willing to start from the scratch wiv my man..cos all this already made men don't av an ounce of respect for a woman cos they believe money can solve it all or she won't n can't do without me......I want a man who would love n respect me, money would eventually come as long as both parties ain't lazy and know what they want...

    1. I agree with you on love and respect because that is part of the foundation of every relationship. But then you are fine with it when there is money, fast forward to 10 years from now , married, kids , rented apartment (i'm just giving you a scenario) and there is still no money . How far will love and respect go in that relationship ?