Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Sex on the first date ?

I can sit here hiding behind my keyboard telling the few readers how it wrong to have sex on the first date , but honestly who am I to judge as I am guilty as charged on two different occasions . It a personal choice whether or  not to do so .
Should you be having sex on the first date ? No
However things do not always go as planned , when a guy asks me out on date , in my head i have the opportunity to portray myself as class lady , smooth talks . And hours later  am naked beside a guy I know for only a few weeks or hours . Most women do not admit to sex on the first date as to them it is embarrassing and it them look bad , slutty or what ever you want to call it . I am not saying it is right or trying to make my self feel better for opening my legs , i just feel it is something that happens a lot . I asked a few of my male friends how felt about this , some were indifferent and other felt a lady  should make a man work for what he wants .
What is your opinion about sex on the first date ?

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  1. Personally I think it depends on what you want from the person. Are you hoping for something serious, a relationship? Then no, get to know each other better first. If you're not interested in something serious with the person, you probably just want a fling, or to scratch an itch, then by all means shag away. But bear in mind it's not the best option. That said, people have had sex on their first dates and ended up having long successful relationships, some even end up in marriage. So, you can never tell how things would work out.