Sunday, 23 April 2017


Took me a while to decide whether or not to do a post on this, but it's one of them things . 

Here it comes,..............
 I dipped a foot in the supernatural pond, juju, black magic call it whatever you want . I didn't realize what I was getting into until it hit me that it was some messed up shit .

So this white garment "pastor" who is friends with my older cousin came to the house a while back prayed et all. While he was praying he went into a trance, stated communicating with angels or whatever. Then he started saying things, personal stuff about everyone in the room, mentioned the fact that I'm always having nightmares, and things that will happen in the nearest future. At first I ignored him, avoided him every time he came to the house but he caught me off guard one night and that was how I got sucked in . 

At first we had to go to the beach, pray and throw things in water, apparently all the misfortune went in the water and God accepted the offer as he said.
After doing that I felt a certain sense of security and more at peace, because I felt I had nothing to worry about.

Few weeks after he was back again, said more deep shit and once again I was sucked in , mind you none of this came free or cheap. The smallest amount I spent was 10k. 
He kept saying things, I drop money , go on my knees, pray, repeat stuff after him. Then I started noticing it was getting deeper and darker, we had to kill a bird to get rid of evil and it didn't seem holy anymore..

A lot of white was involved, wearing white during , writing on the ground with salt blah blah blah
He called to pray, brought holy water, oils, soap ,honey but I didn't feel safe using I left them in my room. 

He kept coming back with different messages and the process kept getting darker, he would write stuff in salt and I had to kneel inside, it was like a scene from The Originals. Funny thing I wasn't the only one, he has other people who used to go on the cleansing journey with us. I started getting suspicious when he suggested to do something to make my boyfriend love me, I've heard about love potions and I know they never end well, i dismissed his suggestion.

I stated avoiding him after we went to the beach for yet another cleansing as I call it, whilst we were walking back to the car we met two other pastors and he asked them to pray. One prayed and the other watched , after a few minutes , the guy watching told me my death was imminent and I needed to do something about it. 

No one wants to die young. The told the pastor to do something to buy my life on earth back , I was afraid and I felt I'm too young to die, people who are younger than I am die everyday. 
I gave him all the money I has which was a lot, lets say I can buy weave with the money, we went to a river after, did the usual prayer, he kept saying thing that was happening in my family, thing about my personal life and I watched stupidly begging God to spare me.

I was like a scene from a Nollywood movie. 
I was paranoid when I got home, I felt like I lost a part of me, I didn't want to be in my apartment alone, I was jumpy and felt like someone was after me. I called my friend, told her about what happened and she laughed , told me to be beg for forgiveness. I got on my praying mat, cried to my creator and asked his to forgive me. I felt at peace after. I threw out everything he brought even though I didn't use them.
I've been avoiding his calls ever since, I know a lot of people will think I'm stupid. 
How did I fall for such ?
I'm educated !


Friday, 7 April 2017


I made it guy's!
 Last week of lectures, yet another stressful week .
I think i stopped caring at week 19, i physically, emotionally and mentally drained. Ditched  some lectures, walked out of others, had to talk myself into getting out of bed some times but you guy's have no idea how it feels to be in the last week of Law School Lectures.

Law school itself is not over but no more sitting in the auditorium for hours,waiting for break and praying for lectures to end for the day
No more holding my breathe when the lecture starts calling out student number's because I didn't read the topic or attend group meeting the night before.
No more driving like a manic in traffic when I wake up late in order to get in before 9am.
No more smelly toilets.

Saturday, 1 April 2017


Hi guys,
I've been too busy to blog. So much has been happening but not enough to blog about , just the normal routine.
Nothing special just the usual attending lecturers, hot class room, "I too knows". Slowly losing focus.
We are  rounding up and I can't believe we are almost done with lectures and moving on to externhip . 
I have a study routine, a short but effective one. The mosque is the perfect place for me to read,
I go there immediately after lectures, read till past seven. I try to draft as much as I can . 

We had our second snap test yesterday, the HOD for Property Law Practices announced it an hour into our Friday lectures . The test was from 3 to 7, it included theory questions and MCQ's. I was done before 6 and because the invigilator wanted to leave early she so allowed some people go. 

I was issued a warning for been in a male's room which is against the code of conduct. 

I apologize if the post is short or disorganized.