Saturday, 2 January 2016

Headies 2015 .....

I caught the late train to the headies on Youtube, I wasn't planning on watching but I'm glad I did, two grown men going at each other like teenagers. The BBM updates made me curious as to what was happening so I had to check it out myself and all I can say is WOW!!!
That was not expected.

Olamide's rant was not necessary but as the owner of the Label his frustration was justified but his choice of word's were wrong on live TV did not speak well of his leadership skills. His rant on twitter took it to another level, I suck at twitter but I found myself re- tweeting post, I can't carry last now, so I had to insert myself.

We are yet to hear from Don Jazzy AKA my baby daddy but the guy is just so cool and comes across as an easy going person. He shouldn't have mentioned Olamide's name that escalated the entire situation and I hope they make up soon, YBNL and MAVIN are big record labels with different, genre in music but the beef is not needed.
The show was not disorganized from the mishaps to the tacky host.
Reminisce was looking great, too bad he is married. I need me one of the world famous Yoruba demon, Agbada et all.

This was a quick.

Friday, 1 January 2016

12 HOURS TILL 2016

Happy new year guys, hope this new year comes with blessings.
I had a very long new year's eve, not my traditional new years eve but a good one, I decided to go see my friend in Liverpool since I was in London and I didn't see him in a few weeks. Ticket booked Leave at 12:07 and return with the 18:47 train to be back in time to pray for crossover.

This trip was planned in less than ten hours since spontaneous worked for us and planning seems to mess thing up its better without the planning and excitement.
I got to the train station thirty minutes early, myself and bestie have a history of missing trains but I had it all planned out, the train ride was smooth and I was hoping to catch up on sleep during the ride since I didn't sleep all night. Thanks, Insomnia!!!