Sunday, 6 December 2015

More Than A Friend.

Do you have that a male friend you feel so close to?
So close you tell him everything, yes everything, well almost everything.
But then you decide to mix pleasure, then it all starts to go south, and you miss your friend so much you wonder if the pleasure was worth it, you have no one to complain to, annoy, no one to laugh at your jokes the way he does, no one to call you Ode ( fool ). You try your best to make sure you talk daily without coming across as desperate  because desperation is not your thing, you just miss your best friend and you wonder if it is really worth losing a friend.

You are in love with him, you have been since the third day you started talking, Its almost four years, the six months you dated for without been intimate was great and emotional, but It didn't work and friendship was the next option.
The feelings were always there, but you quashed it, he inspired you and made you want more out of life.
Then you text him randomly telling him about your plans to travel, turns out he was leaving the day after you and you were both going to be in Lagos. What a coincidence?

The first meeting was fun, didn't seem like the first time seeing him, didn't feel different from chatting. You spent more time together then it happened, It wasn't expected. You didn't think he saw you that way, but it was great, then it happened again, like the first time it wasn't planned you dared him.
It was great and you both continued your friendship like nothing happened, you talked about a possible future together.

But then it happened again, it was planned partially this time, you knew you were going to see him but didn't know it was soon. Your conversation lost zeal almost immediately after some days better than others, but then you were making plans for another visit 3 nights this time.
Was that a mistake?
You barely talked since you got back and when you do it is not the same.
Good friends do not mean great lovers.
You miss your best friend, nothing is worth it, well its worth it but the friendship is way better.

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