Monday, 19 October 2015


It is  so weird how I've been in Ireland for 11 years and 3 months and I've never been to the Uk, I had transit there on my way to Ireland 11 years ago and that was it.  It is an hour on the plane but I  wasn't bothered.
My family moved to London a few months ago so I had a reason to visit, well another reason to visit my best friend lives in the Uk I didn't see  him for 10 months and I missed him like crazy. The initial plan was to see my family first in London then come back the next weekend to see him since he works in Liverpool.

We are very random and most times we see each other the visit are always unplanned, we were very good friends for 3 years before we met in person. I texted him last December a day before my trip to tell him I was travelling and his reply was I'm leaving the after you. I was very excited to see my bestie, we spent time in Lagos before he went back. The first time we saw each other there was no first time meeting each other  awkwardness it was as if saw him every day and we just talked and laughed that just brought us closer.

I had no plan to see him this week, the minute I got on the plane, I felt it wasn't right to be so close yet not see him so I strarted making plans, he was so exctied when I told him. The only problem we had was my mum and I've never really spent the night out of my house expect for nights out clubbing which was rare or Tajud. Other times are when I house sit for my aunt.

I've never had that discussiion with my mum about staying out of the house and returing the next day. So I had to give my mum the " I'm almost 22 talk and I should have more freedom " talk she didnt have any problem with it , she felt a little reluctant and I was hungry for extra freedom. So I kept pushing and it worked, but I did not tell her I was going to spend the night at a male friend's.

I simply said I was meeting up with the girls and someone else in liverpool and I wouldnt be back till the next evening. I have this rule of not lyimg to my parents about where I am or where I am going, I might tell a fib about why I'm there but they always have to know my whereabouts in case somethimg happens. I respected myself and got home before eight pm since I spent the night out, I have no curfew but I felt it was the right thing to do, I planned getting home earlier but I missed my train from Liverpool and had to wait an hour to get another one and I had a hard time getting connecting trains in London.
The train ride was fast, I went from been a JJC to ticking two cities in the UK off my list. Next stop Scotland, bestie has a pent house there.

I think London is very crowed and the transportation is difficult, fast and reliable but very difficult, Its so easy to get lost or get on the wrong train, that is yet to happen and I hope it doesn't. I have to more night before I head back to Dublin and I'm going to be visiting a lot more.
Hopefully, I get to tour the city,  it is really different from Dublin.


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