Saturday, 30 May 2015

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Hi guys, hope you all had a good week?
Ok so I'm super excited, I'm off to Lagos next week, YAY!!! . I can't wait feels like I've never been to Lagos before even though this would be my fifth trip in less than two years.
But  I've been bored in my room since I finished my exam and my anti-social behavior took over so I barely leave the house.

I'm looking forward to Lagos, the sun, the overcrowded city, market women, cakes and cream, my car, my dad, the beach, the bookstore everything. I'm also looking forward to the salon visits, getting my nails done, pedicure and the whole serenre, I only do that when I'm in Lagos, pedicure, hair and nails every three weeks.
I'm not looking forward to the crappy internet, bad roads, crappy customer service, traffic, crazy drivers, but that adds to the fun.

Every time I go to Lagos I mentally plan how I want my trip to be but it never really works out for me but this time there is so much I want to do while I'm home and I hope to do at least half of the things on my list.
1) Attend a concert.
2) Start Quran lessons.
3) Visit Badagry.
5) Meet new people.
6) Try out restaurants.
7) Attend a pool party.
8) Stay covered during Ramadan.
9) Save, I honestly don't know how I spend so much weekly.
10) Tour Nigeria.
11) See a play.
12) Attend one of those Lekki events where they have food and sell stuff.
13) Stalk BOJ.
That's all I can remember for now, I will add more when I remember.

 A few friends from Dublin are also visiting and since most of them do not know their way around they are all counting on me for turn up.
Me ke ?
 Last time I went clubbing was last December, I think I might fall asleep if I end up going but then more the merrier the girls are all funny drunks and I will continue my role as the sober sister.
 It's almost since a year I stopped drinking alcohol.
Do I miss it?
No. But I do miss having excuses for doing stupid and ridiculous things.

I started praying again, I won't say much not to jinx it, but I feel great, its almost a month and my nightmares stopped, haven't had any since I started praying. I don't think I've mentioned it on the blog but I've always had nightmares, sometimes throughout the night and it can be  exhausting at times and that alone is a reason to keep praying.

I lost a bit of weight too, a tiny bit but enough to fit into top shop jeans, I'm eating healthy, taking each day as it comes not setting a huge target.
Do you have an ideas on places to visit  or things to do in Lagos? If you do feel free to comment.

Until next time,

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  1. Sounds like you are finding the rhythm to life and opening your mind, body and soul to new energy and perspectives, that's great.
    Have the best of fun and relaxation in Lagos and do bring back some sunshine. Best wishes!