Sunday, 19 April 2015

My sister.

One Wednesday one of my younger sisters turned 10. She was born on the 15th of April 2005, and like ever family we were happy to happy to have her, I helped my mum look at after her, I was 11 when she was born , but I had responsibilities at that age. At 4 weeks my mum allowed  me give her baths and look after her, I took the night shift when she started crying so mum can get some rest.
When it was time to sit she couldn't, so we assumed she was a late learner , we would put her in the sitting position for months hoping one day she would be able to hold herself up , but it never happened, till date she cannot sit without support.
At age two we found out she has Cerebral Palsy, which affects the developments and movements, my parents were devastated and did everything they could to make her better, bring her from one place to another.

She started physiotherapy, at the age of 5 we were told the C.P affected all her four limbs and she there is very little chance she will ever walk and even if she was to , she has to with support and it would be so difficult for her that she would she would choose not to . I held back the tears as I looked at my mum, my sister sat on her wheelchair smiling not understanding. Till date, I don't think she fully understands her condition.
I'm special, God made me different', she always says. 
I remember once, she was playing with my cousin who is the same age as her.
'I wish I was you so I can have all your stuff', my cousin said.
'No I wish I'm me ', my sister replied. I smiled hearing her answer.
While we are getting ready for school one morning the last born who is also her immediate younger sister looked at her and said ' Why can't we cut of Fola's leg '? I was angry but then I decided to let her finish. 'We can cut off her legs and her new ones that work so she can walk', she continued.
Immediately left what I was doing and went to the bathroom to wipe off the tears that was already rolling down my cheeks.

Her brain did not affect her learning which was a shock to her doctors because people who suffer from this type of C.P she has, alway have something wrong with their brains.
Thank God for that!
With that she can attend a main stream school and she was very happy to hear the news and looked forward to her first day of school.

Over the years we built a strong connection, where she preferred me to my mum since I'm more understanding and much more patient.
Growing up she would rather sleep in my room sharing my single bed so she could spend time with me, whenever there was something wrong my name is the first she calls. We do have our fights and we make up after. The minute I walk in from school she calls me to help out even though they are five or more people there to help her out, but she would rather wait for me if she can. I try to attend as many appointments as I can and when present the doctors direct questions to me instead of my mum.
'I wish you were my mum', she said to me once while we were waiting at the hospital. I looked around to see if any one heard and was glad my mum was not attending the appointment with us.

Now she is 10 and in 3rd class in primary school, she had to repeat a year as her condition affects her school work, since she can barely use her limbs writing takes forever and reading is just as bad, the longer the text the harder it it for her , so she has to go to learning support and is behind other kids in class. That really breaks my heart because I know she is a very smart child, but her condition reduces her ability to perform.

The older she gets the harder it is to look after her, she is getting taller and heavier and I'm getting weaker, at times I wish things we different then I look at her smile and know she is happy .
She the happiest person I know and does not let any manipulate her. I still hope and pray for a miracle but for now I have to focus on reality which means helping her out in any way possible even if it included waking up up to 10 times every night to turn her. She is happy, so I have to be happy for her.

I love my sister and even though it difficult, I'm glad she is my sister because no one can love and take care of her the way I do.
          Here is a picture from her party, she loves playing with makeup so my immediate sister put some on for her.
Until next time.


  1. Hi Ruqkayah,

    This post is very heart warming. It touched me deeply.

    I am so inspired by the love you have for your sister. Fola has a wonderfully positive personality, she's a very pretty girl.

    Best wishes and blessings.

  2. Thanks for the comment. Really means a lot .