Sunday, 12 April 2015

Letter to the future.

Dear future me ,
          A few years from now you will be a greater, stronger woman than you are now, a wife to a man who deserves, respects you , who understands you craziness  , a mother to beautiful kids Awwal and Amal not twins. God no!
Most importantly you will have a career , one you love , one you will feel happy to have every morning that alarm rings . we know that is not the reality but a job of your passion, after years of confusion you would have finally settled for one.

       Do not settle to be a house wife that's so not you, do not get blinded by love or the idea of love that strays you away from your potential and what you have to share with the world. Do not waste away over pots of efo riro, mop sticks and school runs. It will drive you insane and you know it, a man that can not support and invest in your dreams is not worth your while. Stay Away !!!

        If and when the money start  coming in, maybe more than you need, do not let that change you and the plans you had stay humble and buy as many shoes and  bags you want , a girl can never have to much of that.
Do not make the mistake every one else makes, building huge mansions , build a home , some where you can be happy with your family, its not about the number of rooms or bathrooms, you can't use more than one of it at the same time . But a big kitchen is permitted since you love cooking and the bigger it is the better.

      Invest money in business and make your dream come true, build that half way house. help other women in need, help those who made mistakes or have chosen the wrong path find themselves because you know what its like to feel lost and alone trapped in your own thoughts.

Get closer to God, he is the only one that can save you, to whatever it is you can to be a good Muslim, pray, fast help other and follow other teaching of the holy book.

The future seem so far away, but it is a lot closer that you think.
Remember when you were 10, how long ago was that? Then the future looked so far ahead, the present was the future then and now there is another future, enjoy every moment as you embark on the journey towards it.
Your Faithfully,
The present Self .


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  1. I thought that was a lovely letter, and very vivid. Sounds like something we all should do, as a reminder. Thanks for sharing!