Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Been The Other Woman.

You never thought you would know what it feels like been the other woman. You remembered the day you met him, you went to his office with someone that knows his girl, immediately you noticed the outspoken young man.

People were having their usual political debate as the 2015 elections was closing in, You knew better than to engage in a political conversation , you had no opinion on Nigeria politics , well none you would like to share .

Like Brymo said in one of his songs " We are to young to matter, too old to bother".

After waiting for hours, the person you came with was been attended to and he used that opportunity to introduce himself and you was very impressed by his courage and the way he sounded, eloquent, confidence, he was well dressed , smelt good and cute too. 
What more can a single girl want?

None of the usual designer Sklesache AKA Versace from head to toe over kill.

You left a few minutes after and you forgot about him, well until you ended up at his office a few weeks later with the same person and on the same mission which had nothing to do with you , you were just helping some one out. 
Quick handshake. 
' Hello'.
'Hello' .
You went about your business, trying to read a newly purchased novel , but you couldn't make it past the first paragraph , he had nothing to do with it, it was just a badly written book. You cursed under your breathe dreading driving during rush hour traffic to the book store in Surulere.  

The book was too boring for one to pretend to  read, so you had no other choice but to listen to the political conversations. Once again he held the floor like an actor on Broadway speaking so passionately about the Country. 

Time moved fast as you listened, then it was time to go. Once again you forgot about him until you found out he was attending your dads  birthday party, you felt he was just another guest so you paid no attention to the fact he was coming. 

Once again you forgot about him till you saw him walking up the stairs. No!!! It was not a Cinderella moment. 
You went about attending to the guests, he made nice comments about how you looked but you paid no attention to it. 
The party went on and you continued to play host, until you noticed his seat was empty, you were too tired to bother so you made a mental note to get his contact. 

                             *********** T.B.C ***************
Oya e don do! 
You don't expect me to give it all away in one post, especially when I've been away for so long. Yes I'm back in the land of great internet connection, but I miss Lagos, went home for three months and I have a lot of stories to share with you guys. 

That's all for now,
Until next time.

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  1. I'll be back for the update on how the story ended...patiently waiting*