Sunday, 5 October 2014

Saturday night.

Was out last night and it was fun, partying with my elder brother whom I haven't seen in fourteen years. Last night was my first  night out since I decided to stop drinking and it went pretty well queuing for over 15 minutes at the bar for a can of red bull, happy days !.

I hated the fact I was sober apart from giving up alcohol, I was the designated driver and I was too sober to witness some of the things going on around me, grown women in their thirties and forties squeezing their over flowing bits into peplum dresses and the rest looking like they stepped of a fashion court room after been convicted for committing the worst fashion offence known to mankind.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying older women and men cannot have fun but not in a club with people the same age as your children and younger siblings. I personally feel once a woman is over the age of thirty and is mother, they should step out of the clubs and leave it for the younger generation.

It was a fun night overall, I danced laughed, got angry, got perved on, checked out guys, I still don't understand the sunglasses in the club trend and was pissed to find out my brother was one of them.
I've always said I would never take care of a drunk friend on a night out, but I went against is last night and drove home a drunk friend, the guy had way to much much to drink and even in his drunken state some random girl still wanted to go home with him.

Who want's to go home with a guy that is puking everywhere and can barely stand up.
To cut the long story short I dropped him home , helped him into bed , gave the chick ten seconds to met me in the car or she had to find her way into town , did I mention she has no clue where she was and when she didn't show up, I headed back to club and it was over, drove back home and knocked out.
I decided to change it up, I always wear dresses on nights out and never in a million years did I think would wear a jumpsuit and hat to a club but I did ok. As for the lip piercing I'm at the age of naughtiness and I've always wanted it since I was thirteen, I got it done in may and it should  be out in a year or two.
That was how my weekend went.
Hope you all had an amazing weekend?


  1. You had fun indeed. I sent my saturday with my frind and her boo, i did he escort things and we had fun. Some good laughs for my heart i must say. Then we Part home.
    They laughed on their way home, while i sang as i drove home.Lonely

  2. Interesting....pls carry us along next time ooo,,som1 is jealous