Sunday, 28 September 2014

Leave me alone.

Every time you call I want to scream at you, tell you leave me alone because I'm tired of your BS and selfishness but I don't because I want you to remember me as that almost perfect ex, the one who rarely got angry except when you push me to the wall and the is nothing left for me to do but unleash the crazy Yoruba girl within and  that I only gave about 40% because I cared too much and I wanted you to see my good side.

But now I don't give a hoot, the more I endure this the more I stray  from sanity so please leave me alone. I couldn't care less what you think, your opinion does not matter any more and will not matter in the future.

You called just to say good night.
You didn't you call in the morning or in the afternoon, but since I'm not that important and I'm the last thing on your list, just cross me off and forget I ever exist I'm pretty sure it wont take you that long to do so.

Just leave me alone and stay in the past.


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