Thursday, 25 September 2014

Final Year... :)

So the first week of my final year in uni *fingers crossed* is almost at at an end, three hours left. Yay !!!
And it hit me Ruka, you are in final year well hopeful I'm still on probation due to the woeful result of my constitution exam , I mean who fails constitution? Well I do, twice.

I must admit I was going through a lot of unnecessary nonsense, which I have finally decided to put aside as they do not matter, my degree and future is more important that any other thing I had on my mind .

 Apart from getting a part time job to help pay for my Shoes's since Iya Ruka has decided to stop footing the bills of things I do not need and the pocket money I receive is no where near enough.
But we thank God, that's a story for another day.

Back to uni, its  finally dawned on me after three years of attending lectures, three summer exams and an autumn repeat , waking up early for nine am lectures which I hate more than I hate most things I hate, sprinting faster than Usain Bolt  for the bus while holding onto my trousers that do not fit my humongous butt. That a sight for sore eyes. Just try to imagine it, 5'1, size 14 chick running, I'm laughing just trying to imagine it myself .
But its nothing to be ashamed of its a family heirloom, thanks Granma I owe you for blessing me with the pervert magnet.

Its been a fun week, and I realised I have to give it all, no more ditching classes to hang out in the common room , no more gambling. I actually have to read the books on the reading list, I love reading but I detest reading law texts they are all boring and a cure for my sleepless nights.
I have to start assignments and plan ahead of time for everything, May it just around the corner and as we all know time wait for no man, the earlier the better right.
 Got to go now, have to prepare my mind for the snooze fest called jurisprudence, coffee and gum ready.
I'm going in !!!


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  1. Hi @ Ruqayya, jes tot I shld drop by and gv u a holla. U rili look like a frienda mine in high school. She looks like u, her name is Ruqa as well and she is yoruba.
    Eitherways, holla back..