Thursday, 19 June 2014

Part One: Ayomide Akanni

While his peers were busy dancing to skelewu or some new dance craze created by an artiste high on weed or the latest overpriced brand of alcohol that just hit the shelves, Ayo practiced his speech in the mirror , it was not any type of speech , he needed to tell his father he was leaving his position as managing director of the insurance company that his family had controlled for the last two generations. His grandfather started the company half a century ago, a few years after he moved to Lagos from Ile-Ife a small part of Osun state in the west of Nigeria .
Been the only son of a pagan farmer ,Olayiwola Akanni  wanted something different, when he was ten his father had walked him five miles to a  school that was run the catholic church so his son could get get an education and have a better life . Olayiwola was refused because he was not a Christian and was baptized two weeks after with a new name Samuel and was put in full time care of the school whilst his father continued his daily sacrifice to the oracles . He learnt there was more to life than farming , the world went beyond Ile-Ife, he had a cousin who stowed away on a ship to the white man's land and returned years later full of stories and nothing else to show for it . 
Samuel decided to see the world and make the most of it , he left home for Lagos at the age of nineteen and sixty years after his name was on the door as the CEO of one of the top insurance companies in the whole of west Africa. Ayomide Akanni is not your regular twenty-three year old, starting university at the age of sixteen, he complete his course in four years and at twenty his father appointed him the managing director of the company and he enjoyed all the luxury that came with the position, business class trips to different countries all over the world. Ayo has more than a young man his age could wish for yet he was unhappy, every morning he wished things was different , he gave up his childhood dream of becoming a lawyer in order to make his father happy by  continuing the family tradition. He started to understand the true meaning of the saying money cannot buy happiness, every morning he drove his 2014 Mercedes CLK to work, dressed in designer suits, he imagined how different his life would be away from his controlling and power hungry father, who dragged him from one function to another trying to get the oga's at the top to recognize his son.
 "You need to make a name for yourself" his father said after introducing him to the Minister of Transportation at a wedding where the drinks on one table could change the life of the average Nigerian citizen. Been tired of all the drama Ayo decided to change everything. " Its either now or never " he said to himself as he walked out of his towards his fathers study silently praying for his absence. 

Sorry for the wait, but here it is, the first part to my weekly post of the series Home Far Away.

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