Thursday, 19 June 2014

Chrome Book Review.

Finally got a new laptop, actually its called  chromebook, after thirty minutes of walking around, I opted for a chrome book Acer C720.
 Its very light, easy to carry and can  fit into most of my handbags, I don't have to worry about carrying a separate bag to college , with a 11'6 inch screen it is compact. The chromebook is a goggle product, does not work with Microsoft but has its own app market, built in anti virus and its own version of Microsoft Word, power point excel and the whole gang, which is already installed in the computer so you do not have to worry about paying for them. The keypad is small but its manageable.

  • Pros : 
  1. Small 
  2. Built in antivirus 
  3. Updates itself 
  4. Google Doc 
  5. 7 second boot up 
  6. Great battery life 
  7. Free apps 
  8. 16 gb ssd 
  9. Free 1000 Gb goggle drive for 2 years
  10. Free apps 
  11. Affordable 
  • Cons 
  1. Everything works with the web
  2. Screen is a bit dim 
  3. Limited app selection for now. 
I will recommend this chrome book for someone who has a budget, and is not willing to spend much on a laptop but wants a small, fast laptop. It is a bit complicated at the start but you pick it up really fast. One thing I'm having a problem dealing with is correcting my typos, on normal laptops you can easily right click and it gives the option of the right word, but this doesn't. Hope I work it out soon. I am normally a HP , Dell or Samsung type of person and Acer would have been the last on my list, but since I got an Iphone I'm open to new things and its the best on the market so why not.
I hope this is helpful if you are interested in purchasing one.

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  1. I loove it.. seems cool, cant wait till i see it