Sunday, 29 December 2013

The Ideal Man

A friend asked me what my ideal man was , i told her tall , dark , handsome , caring, romantic , funny , intelligent, sexy, 7/8 figure salary , faithful. I ended with he doesn't exist .We all want the Trey Songs , Chris Brown , Lynxx , Chris Attoh Iyanya's of the world , we look at the physical appearance and already we are lusting , who knew Chris would hit Rihanna . Most women want this man , no one wants a short , ugly let me say unattractive or poor man , most people settle for less after pressure from family or been the only one in the clique that is single.  I told my mum i didn't want to get married till was 27 , she looked at me as if i was crazy and jejely rebuked the curse she assumed i placed on my self , then went on to give a speech about how that was to old and no one wants old cargo.I remember sending pictures of guys i found amusing  not in a good way to friends to they could laugh at the way they looked and joke about  how they were stupid to ask me out. Two days ago i named a guy George of the Jungle because of the picture he sent to me bbm , every time he sent a message i gave one line answers, he wasn't my ideal man but he could be some one else. My cousin went on a rant about how she turned down  Dammy Krane for those of you who don't know is a Nigerian who sang KO Le Re Body, and regrets doing so because she didn't know he was going to be famous or look this good. I've heard conversations were girls would easily say money is not everything , but honestly it is , would you still feel the same for your man ten years and three children down the line if he was poor ? Most people do not think about this it all about sounding perfect and been a saint , yes a poor man can be rich and a rich man can also be poor . Money man not bring happiness but it does resolve a lot of things . My ideal man is in my head but what are the chances of finding him , however i can have a decent man and try to make an ideal man out of him .

Saturday, 28 December 2013

Your Worth .

I would do anything to get my hand on you, what lengths would I go to get you but you are way out of my league . It was love at first sight , I noticed your smooth skin when i walked  past and i had to feel you , your smoothness . Dark and beautiful , your creation was perfect and accurate , for weeks i continued to watch you i envied the women that had and held you , but we obsess over our wants not our needs. I promise not to treat you like they do, i know your worth . I wanted to be the envy of other women who could not get you, flaunting your perfecting everywhere i went , I knew it was meant to be so i came up with a plan . I watched as you left in her arm , followed her into the restaurant and and club , i waited for her to go the ladies knowing she would abandon you after a few glasses of wine , and there it was an opportunity only a fool will miss out on . Her friend chatted between themselves not acknowledging your presence , walking straight past them i took picked you up , holding you in my hand  exiting the club like i owned you . I gave  her wallet , lipstick and mobile phone to the bouncer telling him they belong to a drunk girl . Now you are finally mine , after weeks of watching and wishing , you are all mine, not feeling guilty about the way i got you , i walked home swinging you in hand .
 You are worth it.
My new handbag
Its Prada.

Friday, 27 December 2013

Deception .-

You can never forget the day you met him even though when you did you never thought you would find yourself in this position a year after. You were two different people but when you were together it did not matter for a while. He was an Ibo Christian in his twenties and you are a Yoruba Muslim in your teens, different path of life and upbringing, brought together by a phone call one midnight.

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Down - Brymo

Music is something that brings people together , you might see someone you dislike yet you have the same taste in music.Over the years my taste in music is eclectic , I listen to anything that sounds good , however i fell in love with Nigerian artiste Brymo aka Olawale Ashimi , his music varies he gives you a taste of everything . Down is a song from his new album Merchants , Dealers and Slaves , the lyrics talk about corruption from the politicians , religion , and the people of the country and the interactions between them  he sings about what is going on down town , selfishness. If you ever want to take a break from booty shaking music Brymo is the man to listen  to , you will find your self moving your head to the rhythm of the song . You do not have to be Nigerian to listen .  
Enjoy !!!
Happy Christmas 

Sex on the first date ?

I can sit here hiding behind my keyboard telling the few readers how it wrong to have sex on the first date , but honestly who am I to judge as I am guilty as charged on two different occasions . It a personal choice whether or  not to do so .
Should you be having sex on the first date ? No
However things do not always go as planned , when a guy asks me out on date , in my head i have the opportunity to portray myself as class lady , smooth talks . And hours later  am naked beside a guy I know for only a few weeks or hours . Most women do not admit to sex on the first date as to them it is embarrassing and it them look bad , slutty or what ever you want to call it . I am not saying it is right or trying to make my self feel better for opening my legs , i just feel it is something that happens a lot . I asked a few of my male friends how felt about this , some were indifferent and other felt a lady  should make a man work for what he wants .
What is your opinion about sex on the first date ?

Sunday, 22 December 2013

In our Midst

Boom!!! The sound of shattered glass and people screaming rang through his ears like music, he looked around and saw nothing but dust, rubble's and broken pieces of cement on the floor, looking around he saw a lady crouched in a position like she was trying to protect something from getting harmed in the explosion, a large rock dropped from d ceiling hitting the lady and causing her to roll over. He noticed a baby covered in blood, the lady had given up her life to shield her baby from harm. He approached the baby, and noticed the baby couldn't be older than six months old, people regain their consciousness began to look for their friends and family in in the remains of the building , the baby soon began to cry but no one paid attention to her ,  he put his hands around her and slowly lifted her up , he noticed blood started to fall onto the  baby’s cloth and it took him a while to realize the blood was his , he had a gash going from his right brow to the tip of his right ear, he put the baby down and began to wipe the blood ,but the blood continued.
People were running around screaming, turning bodies around hoping it was their friend of family , a wave of joy and disappointment came on their face when they saw that the faces they see was not known to them , the ones that had found bodies began to shake  them and asking and begging for the person to wake up .
   A man looking upon the decapitated body of lady flabbergasted, he looked like his soul had left his body, the man showed no remorse and was still like a statue, he couldn't decide the man’s relation to the decapitated lady, looking at his finger he noticed he had no wedding ring but the lady had an engagement ring on her ring finger, she was covered by blood and dust.
He turned around to pay attention to the baby who had begun to cry but no one paid attention to her, he picked her up and began to make his way for the exit, the security officer that held the door open for him on his way in, was still sitting on the chair, he had a piece of glass lodged in his torso, the baby looked at the  security with a blank stare, he  covered her face with his hands this was enough horror to last an adult a life time not to talk of a baby.
When he got outside he saw spectators looking at the remains of the building in awe, some held their hands over their mouth, other had their hands on their head in pity, bodies were beginning to pile up at the entrance of the building, there was no police officer or ambulance member to be seen in place it was up to the spectators to find the survivors and try and prevent them from giving up as ghosts. He walked and crossed to the other side of the road, he saw that half the building was damaged, all in the name of Jihad, a restaurant has turned into a mass grave, he felt a felt happy smiling at his accomplishment, keeping the baby as a souvenir, his first job had been a success and he looked into a future of more thrill. Mouthing the word Boko Haram he turned his back to the scene and made his way home, this was his first mission and also his initiation into the terrorist group.
Halting to get a bike at the end of the road at this point he couldn't see or hear any of the commotion going on in the newly blown apart building, he contemplated what he was going to do with the child during the journey home.